Acrylic Colour Paint 12 Colours. Pental WA212E

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Acrylic Colour Paint 12 Colours set. Pentel WA212E

Arts & School Supplies
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Pentel Acrylic Colour Paint Set for teens or adult artists.Use straight from the tube to create impasto effects, or diluted with water for a water color effect.Vibrant pigment colour dries very quickly and becomes waterproof without any sticky feeling.

Non-toxic and easy to clean.

Use to create Pastose - paint with very thick layers to add texture
Watercolour - dilute paint with water to achieve water colour effects
Collages / Mixed media - using paint and other materials.

Transparent type. Colours underneath are visible when overlapping paints.

Suitable to use on a variety of materials: plastic, metal, porcelain, glass, cloth and leather.

Available in individual 24 single colours, 6-colour set and 12-colour set.

Size: 23 x 8.5 x 9cm. 540gm. 




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