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About Us

Yunnan General Supplier has 39 years of proven track record as a reliable and responsive vendor. Yunnan General Supplier began in 1982 in the Yunnan campus of the former Nanyang University at Jurong, Singapore. Offers a full range business office and office services. Latest Hand Sanitizer in 5 litre can. Established agency for all major brands like 3M, HP, Fellowes, Epson, Brother, Canon, Casio, Pilot, Pentel, Max, Biosystem, Kokuyo, King Jim, Pelikan, Uni-Mitsubishi Pen, Leitz, Avery, Carl, Elba, Sakura, IBICO, Double A, Durable, Zebra, Nescafe, Milo etc.


Instant Rubber Stamp, Digital Printing, Scanning, Colour Copy & Printing & Photocopy Print Services etc. Office and stationery with delivery service. Can ship overseas order for small packages.


Office, Stationary, Office Equipment, Self-inked & rubber stamps, Pantry Supplies, Groceries.Hand Sanitizer.


Office Stationary and Equipment with Delivery Service, Full-Color Digital Print & Full-Colour sticker printing on self-adhesive paper, waterproof PVC stickers, transparent stickers.


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