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3 Ply Disposable Face Mask

  • $3.50

3 Ply disposable face mask for adult. Breathable, stretchable, cloth-like material looks and feels like regular cloth.

● Triple-tier moisture locking system delivers superior performance and leakage protection while promoting skin wellness and managing odor/

Package: 25pcs/packet



● Made of high-quality non-woven filter cloth, the 3-layer filtration system of the safety mouth covers effectively prevents dust and a series of airborne pollutants. Multiple protections to block dust, harmful substances, gases and odors, and reduce infections.



With elastic ear loops or ties ;

Multiple effective protection:
1)The first layer is Spunbond fabric.
2)The second is the filter layer of melt-jet cloth
3)The third layer is the skin-friendly spunbond fabric.
The three layers are 25g, 25g and 25g respectively.
3- With Nose strip.

Function:Anti-dust, anti-pollution


Adult Size:175 x  95mm

Bacterial filtration efficiency > 95%




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